Friendship Chiyoda

We look for members:
You would like to .......
  • help foreigners who live in Japan.
  • communicate with people of various countries.
  • share your talent/skills.
  • experience organizing events.
  • You have the benefit of ......
  • improving your Japanese langauge.
  • getting useful information to live in Japan.
  • learning more Japanese culture.
  • introducing your country to Japanese children.
  • Share your skills/talent to .......
  • write our web site.
  • design our announcements.
  • take photos for our record.
  • presentation for our activities.
  • handle our paper work.
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    Friend Our member Newspaper or Magazine
    Family Internet Office or Organization
    Free Writing: skill, talent, anything you want
    Fill the pop quiz in the box.
    The battle of Okehazama. Name of winner.
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    After 2 or 3 day, we will contact you via email.

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